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Seller Policy Overview

Provide at least 5 business days for payment, with at least 2 notifications prior to cancellation.

We accept returns on all items within 14 days of delivery date.

Maximum of $1.95 handling fee on shipping options, if necessary. (Calculated shipping already includes this added cost)


System Notifications

The site will automatically notify customers for various actions on the site and the notification will be sent from

Notifications will be for the following:

  • Asking Listing Questions
  • Outbid Confirmation 
  • Purchase Confirmation
  • Invoice
  • Payment received
  • Reset Password 
  • Feedback Received
  • Offers and Counter Offers
  • Message Received

All messages you send through the site will not only have a marker in the customer's account messaging, but also an email notification.

  • In addition, shipment notifications will be sent from Shipstation (

Notification from Shipstation include:

  • Tracking number with shipment information, once you process a label
  • Delivery Notification


Contacting customers about unpaid invoices

The site unfortunately does not have an automated notification for unpaid orders, however, you can remind the customer about their unpaid order through your Successful Page.

  1. If the customer has not paid for their item in 2 business days, please make sure to check that the invoice has options for shipping (by opening the invoice).
    • Click on the "Email," button at the top. This will send another email notification to the customer.
    • The additional personalized message will hopefully encourage the customer to complete the payment.
  2. If on the 4th day, the customer has yet to respond to pay for the item, please send a final reminder to the customer indicating the cancellation of the order within the next business day.
  3. If the 5th business day has passed without payment or response from the customer, please go into your Sales Report, find the invoice in question, and click on the Void button.

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All paid orders will appear in Shipstation. If the customer happens to indicate that they have paid, but you do not see the system reflect this, please contact the site administrator to verify the payment.


When to ship

  • Please ship out orders within 24 business hours of received payment. 
  • All paid orders will load into Shipstation within a minute or less (please refresh the Shipstation account screen if needed)
  • Setting a block everyday to process all shipments will avoid delays and reduce any order issues.

Carrier Holidays

Any paid order not appearing in Shipstation?

  • Please contact the site administrator immediately.
  • A small number of orders may appear as paid on our auction site, but not appear in Shipstation. Notifying the site administrator will confirm the payment and create the order for you in Shipstation to process the order.


Fulfillment Responsibility

All orders are your (the seller) responsibility, to process, ship, and deliver to the customer's order as described on the listing.

If, for any reason, the customer does not receive their item as described (damages, discrepancy, lost), the customer is entitled to a full refund.

If the items tracking information indicates that the label was created but carrier is awaiting shipment, this ultimately means that:

  1. The carrier did not record the item in their system, but may still be in transit.
    • You should follow up with the carrier for updated information.
    • Double check your inventory and outgoing mail to confirm it is has been handed over to the carrier.
  2. The carrier did not record the item in their system and the item was never received by the carrier.
    • Double check your inventory and outgoing mail to confirm it is has been handed over to the carrier. 

In either case it is our (the seller) responsibility to find out where the item is, and if not located, to refund the customer in full.


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Returns & Refunds

All orders can be returned within 14 business days of delivery date.

Customers are provided a convenient way of filing a "Return Ticket" by clicking a link attached to their Payment and Delivery Confirmation emails. If a ticket is created, the site administrator will receive the information and forward to your respective email account on how you'd like to proceed with the issue.


There are 2 main reasons for returns:

  • Returns because of buyers remorse
    • Buyers Remorse does not place us in fault. The customer simply would like to return their purchase because they've changed their mind, wasn't as expected (even though details were clearly stated on the listing), or any other reason to change their mind on the purchase.
    • For these returns, please provide them with your return address (and any attention name/department), and the customer will be responsible for the return shipping cost.
    • Our site also states that a 10% restocking fee will apply for any returns because of Buyers Remorse.
  • Returns because of discrepancy
    • Discrepancy can include many factors that place us (the seller) at fault. 
    • This will NOT have a restocking fee and the return label cost (if you require a return) will be provided to the customer.
    • Please communicate with the customer and get as much detail of the issue so you can start the return process.
    • Please involve the site administrator so refunds can be issued in a timely manner.
  • How to process Returns


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Prohibited Items:

The list includes information on items that you are prohibited from listing and/or information on items that are allowed under certain restrictions.

Please note, all items must adhere to:

Prohibiting the Sales and any transactions involving counterfeit goods.

Government recall

Wildlife Protection and Endangered Species:

Native American artifacts and other items that can have significant cultural value

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Prohibited items A-Z

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Adult category

  • Adult films and video games with a rating of X, XXX, R18, or unrated for an adults-only audience
  • Sexually explicit anime, comics, books, films, animation, manga, hentai, yaoi
  • Adult magazines, nudist publications, or adult anime/manga that include sexually-explicit content, nudity, or sexual stories
  • Listings containing nudity



  • Sales of live animals (wild or domesticated) is prohibited because we are not licensed in any state to legally buy and sell.


  • You may only sell a reproduction (in the form of a poster, print, or exact replica painting) if it does not violate any applicable laws, copyrights, or trademarks
  • When listing an exact replica painting:
    • The words "Reproduction" or "Repro" must be included in the title
    • The item description must clearly state that the work is a reproduction
    • You may include the artist's name in the title of the listing only when listing a work by the artist him/herself or an exact replica of the artist's work. You may not include the artist's name when listing a work done "in the style of" an artist
    • If any alterations, conservation, or repairs have been performed on the work of art, you must disclose this information in a clear and prominent manner within the item description
  • Not allowed:
    • Knowingly selling, exhibiting, trading, producing, or advertising any unauthorized copy or reproduction of any work of art
    • Disclaiming knowledge of, or responsibility for, the authenticity or legality of an item that you describe as genuine
    • Describing or marketing any item as genuine if you cannot provide reasonable evidence to prove its authenticity
    • Knowingly participating in any way in the advertisement or sale of any work of art using any deceptive practices, including, but not limited to, false or misleading claims of the item's scarcity, value, provenance, condition or investment potential

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Artifacts, grave-related items, and Native American arts and crafts

Catalytic converters and test pipes
Cell phone (wireless) service contracts - We are not an authorized reseller of cellphones with any contract.
Clothing, used

  • Used underwear and socks are not allowed, even if they are clean. Examples include boxer shorts, panties, briefs, diapers, and athletic supporters. Bras are not considered underwear
  • Used clothing must be properly cleaned and include a statement that the item has been properly cleaned
  • Listings for used clothing can’t include language or images that fetishize the item, such as personal statements about the person modeling the item

Contracts - any contract or agreements promoting, selling, or otherwise is not and will not be part of The Salvation Army.

  • Listings for used cosmetics, sponges, or applicators are not allowed.
    • This includes products such as skin moisturizers, sunscreens, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail polishes, eye and facial makeup preparations, shampoos, permanent waves, hair colors, toothpastes, and deodorants.
  • Used cosmetic brushes can be sold but must be thoroughly cleaned
  • Cosmetics, colognes, perfumes, and lotions must come in the original container
  • Homemade cosmetics must comply with government regulations

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Currency, selling

Credit cards

  • Active credit, debit, or store credit cards, including prepaid credit cards 
  • Non-embossed bank or store credit cards 
  • Current and active money orders
  • Expired bank and store cards

Drugs and drug paraphernalia
Electronics equipment - examples include cable TV de-scramblers, radar scanners, and traffic signal control devices

  • Electronic items prohibited by government agencies, including cell phone, GPS radar, and other signal jamming devices. See the FCC's jammer enforcement for more information
  • Traffic light control devices
  • CB amplifiers and radio equipment that operates in both CB and HAM frequencies
  • Odometer modification devices
  • Equipment such as low power transmitting devices, high frequency transceivers, cordless telephones and radar detectors not authorized by the FCC
  • Appliances for sale in California that do not meet applicable efficiency standards
  • Surveillance items that are intended to photograph, or record the conversations or activities of others without their knowledge
  • Cameras, recorders, or other similar devices can be listed as long as the description doesn't encourage their use for illegal purposes.

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Embargoed goods and prohibited countries - examples include items from Cuba

  • Cuba
  • Crimea region of Ukraine (as defined under applicable sanctions)
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
  • Iran
  • Syria

Firearms, weapons, and knives - examples include pepper spray, replicas, and stun guns

  • Firearms and accessories of any type
  • Knives that disguise as another item, spring loaded, butterfly knives, or switchblades.
    • example: Sword canes


  • Expired food, open food, and other unsealed food.
  • Exception: Unopened vintage items that explicitly indicate not for consumption.

Government documents, IDs and licenses

  • Government, transit, and shipping-related items - examples include airplane operations manuals, subway employee uniforms, and U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mailbags

Hazardous, restricted or regulated materials - examples include batteries, fireworks and refrigerants
Human remains and body parts
Importation of goods into the US - examples include CDs intended only for distribution in a certain country
International trading
Items encouraging illegal activity - examples include an eBook describing how to create methamphetamine
Lock picking devices
Lottery tickets

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Mailing lists and personal information
Medical drugs, devices, and healthcare
- examples include prescription drugs, contact lenses, pacemakers, and surgical instruments

  • Any medical device that requires a prescription
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines (CPAP)
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) units, and any accessories that require a prescription
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS), and any accessories that require a prescription
  • Oxygen concentrators, compressors, or conservers, and any accessories that require a prescription
  • Nebulizers and their accessories
  • Pulse oximeters that require a prescription
  • Implantable devices, such as pacemakers, heart valves, vascular grafts, ventricular bypass devices, and implantable infusion pumps
  • Needles, with or without a disposable syringe, and items that have passed their expiration date are also prohibited.

Military items 

  • Explosives of any type including grenades of any kind, land mines, missiles, rockets, or launchers
  • Military ordnance such as weapons or ammunition, regardless of whether the item is considered demilitarized or unserviceable
  • Most military vehicles, including aircraft and ships, and their parts and accessories
  • Military-issued body armor, Level 4 body armor, or body armor stamped with "US", including Outer Tactical Vests (OTV), or Small Armor Protective Insert (SAPI) plates
  • SAPI plates that aren't property described
  • Interceptor Body Armor (IBA), including items manufactured by Point Blank (PBI), Second Chance (SCI), and Armor Holding
  • Interceptor Body Armor (IBA) and Interceptor Outer Tactical Vests (OTV) with or without plates
  • Detachable groin armor and neck armor
  • Technical data as defined under Part 120 of the ITAR, including user manuals for military items

Multi-level marketing, pyramid and matrix programs 
Offensive material - examples include ethnically or racially offensive material and Nazi memorabilia
Plants and seeds

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Police-related items

  • Law enforcement and other government-issued uniforms, badges, or accessories, such as hats, jackets, and shirts, or replicas of these items
  • Official emergency lighting systems or sirens, including lenses or LEDs for these systems

Political memorabilia (reproduction)

  • Any reproduction that doesn't clearly show the manufacture date
  • Fantasy items using copyrighted images not authorized for use by the owner, its agent, or the law

Real estate
Recalled items 

Slot machines
Stocks and other securities
Stolen property

  • Cigarettes, cigars, and loose tobacco
  • Herbal cigarettes or herbal tobacco (sometimes called nicotine-free or tobacco-free cigarettes or shisha)
  • Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) including e-cigarettes, e-liquids and e-cigarette parts
  • Accessories for e-cigarettes
  • Collectible/vintage packages
  • Nicotine patches or gum
  • Tobacco seeds

Weeds (see plants and seeds)

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