**All conditions and functionality of the donated item is detailed in each listing to the best of our knowledge.** 

**We are not an authorized dealer of any items sold through this site, manufacturer warranty may be void even if the item is considered new.**

**Please read the description and view the photos before purchase.**

**If you have any questions about any product you see online, please do not hesitate to ask the seller.**


  1. What is the ShopTheSalvationArmy return policy?
  2. Do purchases come with any warranty?




Q: What is the ShopTheSalvationArmy return policy?

A: Returns will be accepted within 14 days of delivery date.

If your item was DAMAGED or NOT AS DESCRIBED, the restocking fee will not apply and a proper remedy for your purchase will be provided. 

  • For all other returns, we will accept a return within 14 days of the shipped date PLUS a 10% restocking fee (shipping fees are not reimbursed).
  • Please return your order with all originally shipped items and a properly sized box with packaging for safe shipping.
  • If you have an issue with your order: Submit a Ticket
  • Or Contact the Seller  through you winning history (Option button to the right of the line order)

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Q: What if I want to return an item outside of the 14 day policy?

A: Unfortunately, if the item you are requesting to return falls outside of the 14 days, we cannot accept it for a refund.

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Q: Do purchases come with any warranty?

A: Unfortunately, since we are not the manufacturer and all items are donated, we cannot guarantee any of the manufacturers' warranties will apply (even if we sell them as NEW items). Please assume that any item purchased through our site is not covered under warranty.

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