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Navigating your account

What items are we prohibited from listing?

How Auction and Fixed Price listings function

  • Using the Reserve Price, Buy Now Price, and Offer functions.
  • Pricing items - finding an acceptable starting Auction or Fixed Price

Editing Listings, Deleting Listings, Ending Listings Early

  • Editing Listings - This can be done anytime while in Drafts, Scheduled, or Live/Active. The latter will restrict to only certain edits.
  • Deleting listings is not recommended, if errors were made on a listing, please use the edit function.
  • Ending the listing early  [CAUTION]  - Although there may be times you need to end a listing early (damaged product, missing inventory) Live listings you end with bids, will award the listing to the highest bidder at the time you end it (Please contact the site administrator prior). 

Using the Filter & Drop Down function to find orders

Invoicing your customer orders

  • Please invoice your customers through the Successful Page.
  • You can combine multiple orders if customers request by removing each of the orders and re-create the invoice (option icon to the right of line-order). This will allow you the option to ADD multiple items to one invoice and adjust for shipping.
    • You can also un-combine invoices, by opening the combined invoice and REMOVING each of the orders. This will place the orders (un-invoiced) in the Successful section where you can manually invoice each order individually.
  • YouTube ref:

List Similar vs. Relist functions

  • List Similar gives you the option to create a copy of a listing with the ability to modify (listing type, item details, photos, etc.)
  • Relist is only available for listing that have depleted the Maximum number of relist found in the Unsuccessful Tab, and doesn't allow for edit prior to listing.
  • More on this:

Printing out Sales Report

Archiving Sales to Organize your account

Customer Service

General Overview

  • Customer Service basics, Returns accepted within 14 days of delivery date, Handling fee of $1.95 MAX,
  • Where to direct customers when asked about:
    • Change their account email:
    • Paying for their item: 
    • Message Inbox:

Responding to Public & Direct Customer Messages

  • Email notifications from, will always be sent for Direct and Public customer messages
  • Additional email notification will be sent for Listing Offers, Listing ended (expired), Listings sold, and Feedback.

Combining orders for multiple items

Making adjustments on invoices before payment

  • Note: the maximum credit can only be equal to or less than the subtotal.

Contacting customers for unpaid invoices and Local Pick up orders 

  • Do not assume that customers will automatically pay for their winning item.
    • In most cases you will need to invoice the customer through your Successful Tab.
  • You should be contacting the customer and providing your pickup details (Address, Days, Hours, Contact, estimated pickup date) for all paid orders.
    • Do not wait for the customer to contact you about pickup orders.

Cancelling invoiced orders

  • You will need to find the order in your Sales Report tab, using the filter option and searching for the specific order.

Cancelling bids

  • Please contact the site administrator to cancel all bid requests from customers.

Handling Return issues

  • When the 10% restocking fee applies, When it doesn't, Providing return labels to customers.

Contacting the Site Administrator

Please contact the site administrator for the following:

  • Bid cancellation requests
  • Refunds and partial refund for returns, discrepancies, overpaid shipping.
  • Site function issues.
  • Corrupt Invoice with shipping errors or other errors.
  • Reporting a user: Submit details
    • Multiple unpaid orders for a period of a week or longer.
    • The buyer is demanding something that wasn’t offered in the original listing.
    • You believe the buyer is making a false claim.
    • They’re abusing the bid retraction process, repeatedly bidding and then retracting bids.

When communicating issues about any order, begin a new email unless there’s an email thread already started about the issue.

  • Use a clear subject line, e.g. [Refund] for customer John Doe Order #12345 [Cancel Bid] for customer Jane Doe Order #12345 etc.
  • Include the customer information and the listing information along with the request, so I know what you're referring to.
  • Or forward me the email notification referencing the order, with your added request detail.