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Your Account

You will receive your Login information from the site administrator for and with your provided email. Please save this information in a secure file and update as necessary. 

Email NotificationsThe email used to register on the auction site will receive various notifications from the site, and each notification email will include links that will direct you to the site page. 

  • Please DO NOT reply on the notification email and click on the provided link within the email.
  • You will receive emails from the following addresses:,, (if you notice the messages in your junk folder, save the address onto your safe list!)
  • The various email notifications will include:
    • Direct Questions from the customer
      • These are messages from the customer about a specific listing only viewable by you (the seller).
      • Any new direct questions will also appear as a notification when logged in.
      • Example Email Subject heading - "You have been asked a question on about listing #321321321"
    • Public Question from the customer
      • These are messages from the customer about a specific listing viewable by all visitors.
      • The messages will appear directly on the listing at the bottom of the page.
      • These messages WILL NOT appear as a notification but you will always receive an email notification. Because of this please make sure to create a filter in your email application (outlook) to mark these subject headings as important.
        • Responding to these public questions are important to you as a seller and customer.
      • Example Email Subject heading - "A new public question has been posted on about listing #321321321"
    • Listings ended without success
      • These are site messages informing you that the listing has exhausted the maximum number of relists without a bid or purchase.
      • This will allow you to decide whether or not to continue relisting the item or to have another department (e.g. retail floor) to sell the item.
      • Example Email Subject heading - "Your item #321321321 has ended without success"
    • Sale Confirmation
      • These are site messages informing you that a listing has sold, requiring you to send invoices to the customer.
      • Example Email Subject heading - "Your item #321321321 has ended with a buyer!"
    • Payment Received
      • These are site messages informing you that the invoice has been paid by the customer.
      • Example Email Subject heading - "Invoice #12345 from (SusanSales) has been paid"
    • Feedback Received
      • These are site messages informing you that you've received a rating on a listing you've sold.
      • You can also provide feedback to the customer to build a better experience on our site.
      • Example Email Subject heading - "Feedback has been left for you on!"
    • Offer Received (Offers not enabled)
      • These are site messages informing you of an Offer on a listing.
      • There will also be a section on you account to view all offers in a single window.
      • Example Email Subject heading - " A user has made an offer for Lot Number A-123-DEF-456 on!"
    • Counter Offer Received(Offers not enabled)
      • These are site messages informing you of an Counter Offer on after the original offer.
      • There will also be a section on you account to view all offers in a single window.
      • Example Email Subject heading - " You have received a counteroffer for Lot Number A-123-DEF-456"
    • Counter Offer Accepted(Offers not enabled)
      • These are site messages informing you that the customer has accepted your counter offer after the original offer.
      • There will also be a section on you account to view all offers in a single window.
      • Example Email Subject heading - " Your counteroffer for Lot Number A-123-DEF-456 has been accepted!"
    • Counter Offer Rejected(Offers not enabled)
      • These are site messages informing you that the customer has declined your counter offer.
      • There will also be a section on you account to view all offers in a single window.
      • Example Email Subject heading - " Your counteroffer for Lot Number A-123-DEF-456 has been declined"

Changing Account information

Forgot login information

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How to navigate the site

Information on sections on the left panel of your account.

Each page under the "Listings" section of "My Account" allows you to do several things, although some of their functions are overlapping. Pages all display applicable entries in list form, with the option to filter by specified criteria (located near the top of the page). This can be helpful when you are helping a customer, finding an order, organizing your inventory, etc.
YouTube ref:

Views of Listing Tabs

Using Filters to narrow results



  • Drafts -  The "Drafts" page lists all of your saved drafts. From here, you can click on the gear icon (to the right of listing) to reveal a drop-down menu with several options:
    • Activate Listing: This will publish the listing in its current form.
    • View Listing: Displays a preview of what the listing would look like if published.
    • Edit: This allows you to modify the draft and make changes.
    • List Similar: Creates a "clone" of the draft, which you can publish as a separate listing.
    • Delete: Deletes the draft.
  • Active - "Active" displays all currently active listings. Clicking the gear icon displays the following options:
    • View Listing: Forwards you to the live listing.
    • Edit: Allows you to edit the listing.
      • You will not be able to change the category.
        • If you have any active listings with bids that you need to end early because of errors in the listing, please contact the eCommerce Administrator to end the listing.
          • Ending a listing early with active bids will complete the auction to the highest bidder (at that time).
        • If there are no bids and the category needs to be changed, please end the listing and create a "List Similar" listing so you can edit any necessary information without having to redo the entire listing.
      • If the listings does NOT have any bids, you may edit any part of the listing except duration.
      • If the listing HAS bids, you'll be restricted to editing only the following information:
        • Additional Notes - You can ad additional notes which will append at the bottom of the main description, but editing to the main description will not be possible.
        • Additional Details - Weight / Dimensions / Brand / Item Condition etc. will all still be available for editing.
          • Editing the weight and/or dimensions will update the cost for any calculated shipping you've applied to the listing.
        • Images - You may add additional images if needed.
          •  If the item with bids has issues (because of damages found after listing was published) please contact the eCommerce Administrator to cancel the bids and end the listing.
        • Shipping Choices - You can add or remove any shipping selections for the listing.
        • Please ask the site administrator if any other part of listing requires editing (e.g. title)
    • End Early: This ends the listing before its scheduled time. 
      • If the listing is an auction with bids, the highest bidder will win the auction.
        • If you have any active listings with bids that you need to end early because of errors in the listing, please contact the eCommerce Administrator to end the listing.
      • If the listing is an auction without bids, the listing will end unsuccessfully.
    • List Similar: Creates a "clone" of the listing, which you can publish separately.
  • Scheduled - "Scheduled" displays all of your listings which will list in the future:
    • View Listing: Allows you to view or preview your listing.
    • Cancel: will cancel the listing as Unsuccessful.
    • Start Now: This allows you to start the listing immediately. 
    • List Similar: Creates a "clone" of the original listing, which you can publish.
  • Successful - "Successful" displays all of your listings that have successfully sold. Clicking the gear provides such options as:

    • Create Invoice: Enables you to create an invoice for the customer's order. 
      • If you notice any orders without invoices, please invoice the customers.
      • Please check for new orders daily.
      • If you need to contact/remind the customer about their Unpaid orders, send a message to them.
    • Submit Feedback: Use this to provide rated feedback for the customer. It's ideal to provide feedback for every order.
    • Contact: This allows you to quickly contact the customer regarding their order. 
    • List Similar: Creates a "clone" of the original listing, which you can publish.
  • Unsuccessful - Similar to the other sections, this page lists all unsuccessful listings. Options include:

    • Relist: This allows you to quickly relist the item if you would like to try selling it again.
    • List Similar: Creates a "clone" of the listing, which you can publish separately.
    • Delete: Deletes the listing from this page.
  • Ended  - This page displays all listings that have ended and specifies why the listing ended (successful or unsuccessful). You can choose to "List Similar" or "Delete" these entries.

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  • Invoices  - "Invoices" displays a list view of all invoices that have been created for your store's orders.
    • To create invoices you must first go into your Successful listings and create invoices for customers.
    • New: Indicates that the invoice is still UNPAID.
      • Before voiding any invoice, please contact the customer a sufficient number of times. (see our policy HERE
      • If you need to contact/remind the customer about their Unpaid orders, send a message to them.
    • Mark Paid: Indicates that the item has been paid on the invoice detail.
      • If you have Shipstation connected, once the item is paid, it will automatically be imported into your Shipstation Account.
    • Mark Shipped: Indicates that the item has been shipped on the invoice detail.
      • This will need to be manually done once you've shipped out the customer's order.
    • Archive: Hides the invoice in "archive" mode
      • You will only see archived invoices if you configure the filter to display them.
      • This is ideal for invoices that have been paid, shipped, and no longer require your attention.
    • View Invoice: Displays detailed invoice information.
  • Sales Report  - The Sales Report provides a detail of all listings that have successfully sold. You can use this menu to manage your sales, including invoicing customers and cancelling orders.

    • Create Invoice: Use this to create the invoice.
    • Void Sale: If you need to cancel an order or the buyer has not paid after an extended period of time, you can use this button to revoke the invoice and cancel the sale.


  • The Offers tab in this section will provide you a list of all listing allowing offers to be made.

Site Fees

  • This section is included as part of the website software. No fees are being assessed at this time and this section can also be ignored.


  • Details - This section allows for editing basic information, such as name and email. You will generally not need to access this.
  • Addresses - You can edit your store's address here, if necessary.
  • Password - If you need to change your password, you can do so here.


  • How to Message Customers
  • Inbox - All messages you receive from customers can be viewed and responded to here.
  • Outbox - This keeps a record of all messages you've sent to customers through the site.


  • Providing feedback is just one aspect of growing our site.

    • If you go into your Successful Listings section, you'll see a list of orders that have ended successfully with a winning bidder.
    • To the right of each order is an option button (gear icon), which will bring down several options if clicked.
    • Submit Feedback - Please remember to leave feedback for your customers whenever they complete a purchase. Providing feedback is just one aspect of growing our site.
      • Summary - This is a summary of all feedback you've received through the site.
      • Seller - This page lists all feedback you've received as a seller in detail.

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  • To organize your sales activity, there are options to Archive the sales, or to "hide" them from view. You can always recall your archived orders by changing the View.
  • This will declutter your page so you only view items that needs attention. This can be applied to the following pages:
  • Invoices
    • Archiving is advised when the invoices have been marked paid and shipped.
  • Successful Listings (see screenshot below)
    • Archiving is advised when successful listing have been paid, shipped, and customer feedback sent.
    • A reason not to archive would be to List a Similar listing with the same information that was used.
    • if you accidentally forget to do either and would like to retrieve the order, simply select the Archive section in the View drop down.

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Listing an Item

Pricing an item

  • You'll always want to start an auction at around 50% below the current market price of the item or lower.
    • What does it mean by "Current Market Price?"
      • The current market price is the price at which the goods can be bought or sold today.
    • How to find the current market price of an item? 
      • Searching the item through Google, Amazon, Walmart, are some examples of places where you can regularly find NEW items at current market price.
      • Because we sell donated items which are considered USED, the value of the item or "Current Market Price," will most likely be worth less than the current market price of a NEW item.
        • In rare cases (collectibles), some items can be found to be worth more than they originally sold.
      • It is because of this, that you gather accurate information when assessing a value of your item.
        • eBay is one good source for finding current market price of a used item, but be sure to filter the results to show SOLD items and use the average of sales resulted in view.
  • Why start an auction below Market Price?
    • When items are priced lower than the Market Price, customers tend to be attracted more to the item.
      • While there are many factors that would affect the value of the item you are selling, in general, customers will base their willingness to place their bid if the starting price is considerably lower than the current market price.
    • There are also studies of how auctions create Auction Fever 
    • The pleasure derived from winning an auction, as opposed any particular desire to own the object being sold at auction
    • This is also a "fair" way for the market to decide the value of an item.
      • In some cases, because of the auction fever effect, customers may pay more than the normal market price.
  • Why sell an item at an Auction vs. Fixed Price?
    • Whether you list an item for Auction or Fixed Price, it's always in your best interest to price the item based on the condition of your item.
    • Most people will be aware that we are selling items that have already been used.
    • Auction:
      • Idea of purchasing an item at a bargain (customer)
      • Competition vs others, Excitement, "Auction Fever" (customer)
      • Knowing when the item will sell (seller)
    • Fixed Price:
      • Knowing the set value
      • Possible bargain (customer)

Online Resources

  • Finding Trends:
  • Finding current value of certain metals
  • Barbie Dolls Guide:
  • Hallmarks on silver plate:
  • Doll reference guide:
  • Comic Books:
  • Vintage Cameras:
  • Book Pricing:
  • Die Cast cars and models:

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    Posting Do's and Don'ts

    • Keep the description short and concise
    • Be accurate
    • Include as many helpful images, including the back side and underside
    • (If available) Include links to manufacturer page
    • Reiterate important details (e.g. what's included in the lot)
    • DON'T:
      • Shout in your description or title. Using all Caps is considered shouting in text, which may deter customers.
      • Include contradicting information or Irrelevant information 
      • Copy copyright information (e.g. descriptions from the manufacturer)

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    Using Shipstation Calculator

    • In some cases you will need to calculate a shipping cost for a customer because of combined orders or other requests. 
      • If the are issue with the calculation and the listing is still active, please edit the listing and adjust the necessary weight and/or dimensions
    • From the main page, select the calculator icon near the top of the page to open the calculator.
      • Ship From: This is where you are mailing the package from, or your location. If you click the "Ship From" link above it, you will be provided with a list each of our stores. Select a store and it will fill in your ZIP code for you.
      • Ship To: You'll enter the customer's ZIP code here.
      • Address Type: This defaults to commercial, but in most cases you'll be dealing with a residential address. Residential addresses are a little more expensive, so make sure to change this field when determining a quote. We assume an address is residential unless the customer specifies otherwise.
      • Confirmation: Since confirmation is our financial responsibility, we do not use this field to determine a quote.
      • Service Class: This can be used to filter some of the possible quotes you'll receive, but is entirely optional.
      • Package Type: Another optional filter.
      • Package Weight: The weight of your shipment and an important cost determinant. You'll want to round up to the nearest whole oz.
      • Size: The package dimensions, another important determinant. Round to the nearest whole inch.
    • You will be presented with a list of available shipping carriers and their services based on your criteria.
      • You'll only be given the choice of services that your shipment qualifies for, so you'll only be able to see USPS First Class if the weight is under 16 oz, you'll only be able to see USPS services if the weight is under 70 lbs., and so on.
    • Click on the tabs with the logo of each carrier to see that carrier's available services.
    • Once you've got your carriers and their shipping charges together, remember to add in our handling fee of $1.95 to each figure. This is not automatically applied to ShipStation calculations.
    • YouTube ref:

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Customer Service

Customer Service 101

  • Good communication is the best service you can provide or receive. 
  • Respond in a timely manner: ideally within 1 business day, but you should be responding as soon as possible.
  • Respect the customer and provide full, detailed information. Be truthful and open about the items you are selling.
    • Mistakes happen, so if you ever run into an issue, providing details and finding solutions for the customer will usually work in everyone's favor.
    • If the remedy to the issue requires site Administrator assistance, please contact us immediately. (e.g. refunds)
  • DO NOT, in any situation, use profane words or text that may offend or disrespect the customer in any way.
  • Again, be respectful to our customers.

How to respond to customer messages

  • You can contact a customer if they have either Placed a Bid on your item, Won an auction, or if they've sent a message to you in regards to an item.
  • If a customer sends a message through the site, you will ALWAYS receive a notification to the email address tied to your Seller Account.
  • Please double check that you're receiving these notifications in your email.
  • If you do not see these emails from our site, check your junk/spam folder and make sure to include,,, in your "safe" or "trusted" contacts. 
    • Use the site messaging services as often as possible (and only send messages to the customer via work/direct email if necessary).
    • When you receive an email notifying you about a new question or public question, please click on the provided link in the email to respond to the customer. (DO NOT reply to the email)
    • A public question will appear on the listings and your response will also appear on the listing (towards the bottom of the listing).

How to send/start a new message for a customer

  • You can contact a customer if they have either Placed a Bid on your item, Won an auction, or if they've sent a message to you in regards to an item.
  • Messaging customers on a Live Auction:
    • Click into the listing and click on the "Bid History" to reveal all bidders on the live listing.
    • Click on a username to make a comment regarding the item.
  • Messaging customers on an Auction that has Won:
    • All listings that have concluded with a winning bidder, will appear in your Successful Listings section.
    • To the right of each order is an option button (gear icon), which will bring down the "Contact" option, as well as  other available options.
  • Opening any listing that has won will also have the contact button above the photo sets

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Creating Invoices

  • If the item you sold requires any adjustments, you will need to go into your Successful Listings and create the invoice with adjustments.
    • Otherwise, the site will allow all customers to pay for their item without you having to create an invoice.
    • The site automatically displays options for the customer to check out and creates the invoice.
  • If your listing did not include any shipping options, the invoice is NOT valid and the customer will not be able to pay. The site administrator will also NOT be able to make any edits to allow the customer to pay through the site.
    • Please contact the site administrator to create a new invoice directly through PayPal with the cost of item and shipping.

Invoice Adjustments

  • There may be times when you will need to adjust the invoice of an order because the charges are incorrect or you'd like to provide a discount to the customer.
  • As long as the listing has an option to select a shipping, the order can be paid with any adjustment you provide.
  • There will be separate fields to adjust the item total and shipping total.
  • If the customer has completed the payment but you are looking to make adjustments after the fact, you will need to contact the site administrator in order to provide a refund or additional invoice.

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Combining orders

  • Many customers may wait on completing payment because they're expecting to win multiple items.
    • In this case you can combine the items for the customer and also include an adjustment to their invoice to reflect the combined shipping amount. (In majority of cases, the cost to combine multiple orders into one box, will cost less than the cost to ship items individually)
  • If you notice that the multiple items have separate invoice already created (unpaid), you will need to open each invoice and select the REMOVE button.
    • This will allow the item to be free from the invoice and allow you to combine with another order or invoice.
  • Open another order invoice and you should see the option to add the additional item you had just removed from the previous invoice.


Cancelling Bids & Orders

  • For any requests to cancel bid, please forward the notification email to the site administrator to cancel the bid.
    • This function is not available to you (the seller).
  • For order cancellations, please search for the order in your Sales Report, and select the VOID button.

Collecting Payment

  • We accept credit card payments processed through Stripe or PayPal, and PayPal Credit.
  • PayPal Payments:
    • In some cases you may notice invoices indicating "Payment Pending" or "pending seller acceptance"
    • In these situation, please double check with the site administrator for status. 
    • Majority of these payments are still in process because the customer has used an eCheck. (,-but-the-payment-is-pending-why-faq3265)

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Carrier Overview

  • Cost will usually be the most important factor when deciding how to ship a package. USPS Parcel Select, USPS Priority Mail, UPS, and FedEx Ground / Home are the most commonly dealt with options and which one is the cheapest can vary significantly by shipment weight, dimensions, and the distance it must travel. Always consult your shipping calculator for the best choice. Priority Mail, UPS, and FedEx Home include up to $100 of insurance, which may be another factor for consideration if carrier rates are similar. Also remember that FedEx or UPS will not ship to a PO Box address.
  • PICK UP/DROP OFF of Packages
    • Other than USPS, UPS and FedEx will require you to either drop off all packages at available locations or sign up for a pickup service for a fee.
  • Occasionally, you may need to ship an order weighing more than 70 lbs, although it is strongly encouraged to avoid doing so whenever possible. In these instances, you would be required to use UPS or a FedEx service besides Ground / Home. USPS will not deal with any parcel over 70 lbs for any of their services.
  • Carriers will occasionally update their pricing, resulting in (usually) higher rates for their packages. For this reason, always consult an updated shipping calculator before providing a customer quote, even for flat rate parcels
  • USPS only allows weight of 70 lbs max and 108 girth


Priority Mail (Monday - Saturday Delivery) 

  • Any package weight, up to 70 lbs.
  • Usually arrives within 1-3 business days.
  • Can be more expensive than other options.
  • Insured up to $100.

Priority Flat Rate Padded Envelope (Monday - Saturday Delivery)

  • Same benefits as Priority Mail.
  • 12 1/2" x 9 1/2" dimensions.
  • Flat fee.

Priority Small Flat Rate Box (Monday - Saturday Delivery)

  • Same benefits as Priority Mail.
  • 8 11/16" x 5 7/16" x 1 3/4" dimensions.
  • Flat fee.

Priority Medium Flat Rate Box (Monday - Saturday Delivery)

  • Same benefits as Priority Mail.
  • 11 1/4" x 8 3/4" x 6" OR 14" x 12" x 3 1/2" dimensions (two varieties).
  • Flat fee.

Priority Large Flat Rate Box (Monday - Saturday Delivery)

  • Same benefits as Priority Mail.
  • 12 1/4" x 12 1/4" x 6" OR 24 1/16" x 11 7/8" x 3 1/8" dimensions (two varieties).
  • Flat fee. 

First-Class Mail

  • Can be used for parcels under 1 lb.
  • Maximum Size: 22 inches in length, 18 inches in width, 15 inches in thickness
  • Usually arrives within 2-3 business days.
  • Cheapest mailing option.

Parcel Select (Monday - Friday Delivery)

  • Any package weight, up to 70 lbs.
  • Usually arrives within 2-10 business days.

Media Mail

  • Any package weight, up to 70 lbs.
  • Usually arrives within 2-8 business days.
  • A very low cost mailing option, but only available for items falling under the USPS definition of "media".
  • Subject to inspection at the USPS' whim for adherence to their policy.


FedEx Home Delivery (Monday - Saturday Delivery)

  • Maximum weight of 70lbs.
  • Can be more or less expensive than USPS offerings depending upon weight class and distance.
  • FedEx Home delivery does include insurance coverage of up to $100 in value. 

FedEx Ground (Monday - Friday Delivery)

  • Maximum weight of 150lbs.
  • Can be more or less expensive than USPS offerings depending upon weight class and distance.
  • FedEx Ground services DOES NOT include insurance.


UPS Ground (Monday - Saturday Delivery)

  • Maximum weight of 150lbs
  • Can be more or less expensive than USPS offerings depending upon weight class and distance.
  • UPS Ground does include insurance coverage of up to $100 in value.

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Shipping / Packing

Inventory and SKU

  • The "Internal Notes" field used when creating a listing can be useful when placing an item in your inventory with this label.
  • Once you sell an item, you can download the list of sold items from your Sales Report page.
    • You'll want to select a date range and filter to PAID items,
    • At the top right you'll the option to "Export CSV" which can be opened with Microsoft Excel.
    • The second to the last column will indicate the SKU used for the sold items you need to locate in your inventory.

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Using Shipstation

Official Shipstation help guide:

  • All orders that are PAID will appear in Shipstation. 
  • Select an order to ship
    • All of your orders will be visible by you and the site Administrator. If there are any issues with a particular order, please contact the site Administrator for assistance.
    • It's best to ship out your orders as soon as possible, but if additional time is necessary, you will have up to 2 business days to process the shipment.
    • Verify the order details
  • Requested Service - This is the shipping service the customer has paid for. You will usually want to match this with the service you're providing, but, in some cases, substitutions are acceptable as long as the transit service is better than requested.
    • In most cases USPS Priority is better than other service because it will only take 1-3 business days for shipping
    • USPS Priority > USPS Parcel Select (up to 10 business days shipping)
    • USPS Priority > USPS First Class (up to 4 business days shipping)
  • Ship from - This field should indicate your location before creating a label.
  • Weight - The total shipping weight (item + packing + box)
    • Although this information is retrieved from the site, it's always best to verify the final weight of the fully packed order. Otherwise it may cause issues with the delivery.
  • Service - This is the carrier and service the label and package will actually use. In most cases, you will want to match this with the "Requested Service" field.
  • Package - Always use "Package" to define this field unless a USPS Flat Rate box is used, in which case you'll have access to specific Flat Rate options.
  • Size - Dimensions of the box. Similar to the weight field.
    •  You should always have dimensions filled in the field.  Otherwise it may cause issues with the delivery. (Exceptions are Flat Rate USPS Boxes)
    • Another major factor in label cost, it must be accurate and should be rounded up to the nearest whole inch to ensure there are no issues.
  • Confirm - This indicates whether any form of confirmation will be provided, including delivery confirmation and signature confirmation. These services will generally cost extra.
    • If the item is valued over $500, signature confirmation is advisable. Although we are obligated to pay for it, a signature may help prevent delivery issues, such as theft or a customer claiming they never received the item.
    • Note that some carriers may leave a package without a signature during peak delivery periods (notably Christmas).
  • Insurance - Insurance can be added (for an additional cost) in this field and can either be provided by the carrier (Carrier Insurance) or a 3rd party called ShipSurance (ShipSurance Discount Insurance).
    • We, rather than the customer, shoulder the cost of adding insurance to an order. This will still be more cost effective than having to refund a broken or lost order.
    • NOTE: USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground, and FedEx Home Delivery all come with $100 insurance at no additional cost. This won't be indicated in this field, but should be kept in mind.
    • Until the carrier confirms delivery of an order, we are responsible for anything that happens or has happened to it in transit. This includes damaged items or lost packages.
    • In order to protect the customer's order while in transit, applying insurance is advised on all shipments over $30 in value (if insurance is not already included).
  • Rate - This is the total cost to us for this label.
    • If the customer overpays on shipping by a meaningful amount, contact the site Administrator to provide a partial refund of the difference.
    • DO NOT change a shipping carrier service to a slower service to match your rate if the customer seemed to have paid less.
  • Delivery Time - This is an estimated delivery time for the item once in the carrier's possession. 
    • It does not account for shipping delays or other issues and is not a guarantee of delivery time.
    • It only accounts for the estimated time once the carrier has picked it up, so if the label is made on a Friday, but isn't picked up until Monday, the clock doesn't begin until Monday.
  • Create Label 
    • A label cannot be reused once the shipment has been picked up by the carrier, so make sure everything is correct.
    • If a label has an error but has not been picked up, it can be voided and a new label can be made.
  • Tracking Information
    • Tracking information is automatically sent to the customer when labels are created by email, sent from .
    • If the customer ever asks about the tracking number, you can also find the information by recalling the order through Shipstation.

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Local Pickup Requests

  • Customers can be directed to use the "Calendly" scheduler to pickup any order requests.
    • If you do not have a Calendly scheduler set up, please contact the site administrator with your pickup details to confirm.
    • Customers can schedule a pickup 15 calendar days in the future (within your business availability)
    • The customer will not be able to schedule a pick up that is within an hour.
      • E.g. if it’s 12 pm now nothing can be scheduled until 1pm and on.
    • Check that the availability includes your lunch break if there is no one to cover while you are away.
    • Available hours must be same for each repeating day every week, but times can vary for different days.
      • Example: Monday – Wed 8am – 4pm / Thurs – Fri 9am – 11am & 12pm – 5pm 
  • Once the customer schedules a pickup time and date, you’ll receive confirmation emails from the customer that will indicate their name, date and time of pick up, along with their order # (if you cannot find the order# let me know to verify because the customer may have typed in a wrong number).
    • See the screenshot below for examples of what information is available to the customer and to you.
    • Customers will also receive an automatic reminder of their pickup 30 minutes prior.
    • Customers will also have the ability to change and cancel the pickup scheduled (you will also receive notification of any changes)
  • Your order can be manually marked as shipped in your Shipstation account
  • Creating a Outlook Calendar notification:
    • Once you receive the confirmation email, you should be able to schedule a “Meeting” by clicking on the options settings of the email to create an event.
    • Clicking the feature will automatically create an event close to the current time/date with customers email.
    • Remove/replace the emails to yours and whomever needs a notification (e.g. shipping dept or manager)
      • Please make sure to remove the customer’s email. They do not need to be part of this meeting you create. You are creating this meeting so that your computer will alter you and remind you for any scheduled pickups.
    • Change the date and time to confirmed information.

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Other Shipstation Information


This section provides an overview of the customer's information, including address and contact details.

Contact information, such as phone number or email address, may be used sparingly and as a last resort, such as the customer is required to pick up a local pickup item and has not responded to other communication attempts.

Address Errors: there are two main reasons for errors to appear:

As a courtesy to our customers, do not ship the item unless you are sure the address is correct. In some cases, you can use a service like Google Maps to verify the address or what it should be. If you are unsure, contact the customer to verify their address.

Suite/Apt Number Not Found or Invalid
In many cases, this will not be an issue, especially if a number is provided. Often, the number is simply not recognized by the system, but can be delivered without issue. In other cases, the number was omitted by mistake.
Invalid Address
This may be the result of a typo or other error on the customer's part. In other cases, the customer has left our critical parts of their address, such as street or building number.



This is the comments on the sales invoice at the bottom.

You may type a message in the "To Buyer" section to include in the outgoing tracking message email.

NOTE: Customers may or may not see the message, so please do not rely this option if immediate attention is needed.


Example of outgoing email notification with your message:


Dear [Recipient Name], 

[Notes to Buyer]
Thank you for your order from [Store Name]! 
We wanted to let you know that your Order #[Order #] is being processed!
You can track your package at any time using the link below. 

Shipped To:
[Recipient Address]

Track Your Shipment: [Tracking #]
Carrier: [Carrier Name]
Service: [Shipping Service]
Note: It may also take 24 business hours for your Tracking Number to return any information on the package status.

This shipment includes the following items:
[Order Date][Item List]



This will have the order & payment information for the customer order.

Store: For technical purposes mainly, you can disregard this field. It will most likely say ""
Order Date: When the order was first created by the customer, either by winning an auction or completing a fixed price listing.

Paid Date: When the customer actually paid.
Hold Until: Only used if the order is being held until a later date.
Ship By: Date of ship by 2 days. (Unfortunately does not account non-business days)
Product Total: The total cost of the items before shipping and taxes.
Shipping Paid: The shipping charge the customer paid. If this is notably more than our cost of shipping, the customer will receive a refund for the difference. These refunds are processed manually by an eCommerce Administrator.
Tax (if applicable): Purchases made from states in which Salvation Army Western Territory operates will be charged their state sales tax rate, if their state charges sales tax. The tax charged is indicated here.
Total Order & Total Paid: These should always be the same.





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Re-print a label

Occasionally, you will need to re-print a previously created label, either because the first did not print correctly, it was damaged, or some other reason. It is important to realize that creating a label and printing a label are different things. You can print a label any number of times, but the label can only be used to ship an item once.

  • Note that you can re-print a label as many times as needed, but each label is only valid for 1 package. Once a label has been scanned or accepted by a carrier, it can no longer be used on another package. If you attempt to use the same label on multiple packages, they will be returned, or in some cases be charged to the customer the full amount of shipping cost.

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Multiple labels for one order

Under some circumstances, you will need to create another label for an order, whether you have to break a single order down into multiple shipments, you have to ship a replacement/missing part of a customer's order, or for some other reason. Note that your store will be charged for each label you create and each label is good for only one package/shipment.

  • There will be a button on the top right of every order to "Create Another Shipment"
    • Be sure to only select this if you are needing multiple label for multiple shipments.
  • Be especially careful that the weight and size are accurate, since they most likely won't be the same as your first label/shipment.
  • Make changes as necessary, then click the "Create Label" button.
  • Follow the prompts as normal to create and print the second label.
  • Make sure you put the correct label on the correct package, or they may be returned.

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Marking a Local Pickup Order As Shipped

Local pickup orders are not uncommon and, although they are not shipped like other orders, we still track them through ShipStation. Since ShipStation is intended for shipping products only, we have to mark it shipped to indicate we are finished with the order.

  1. Contact customers through your Successful Listings
  2. Provide the customer with your customized Calendly Link so they can schedule a pickup time.
  3. A pickup order should not be marked as shipped until the customer has actually picked up their order. Having it in the hold queue or shipping queue until picked up helps ensure that we don't forget about it. 
    • Contact the customer additional times if necessary
  4. Although we're not on a timetable for having orders picked up, we still don't necessarily want to sit on an order for longer than necessary. We still have to store the item and keep it secure until it's out of our hands. Additionally, some customers will absolutely wait weeks or months before attempting to pick up their orders.
  5. We will need to maintain regular (weekly) contact with a customer about the status of their pickup. 
    • If the customer does not respond, you may use their contact information found in ShipStation to reach out to them. If the customer still does not respond after an extended period of time, notify an eCommerce Administrator to assist you and, if necessary, cancel the order and refund the customer.
  6. Wait until the customer has completed pickup
  7. Once the order has been picked up, it's time to mark it as "shipped" in ShipStation. Locate the order in your queue and select it. Once selected, click the "Other Actions" button near the top of the page.
  8. Fill out details & mark the order as "shipped"
    • Tracking - Since there is no tracking number, you can just write "Local" in this field.
    • Carrier - There is no carrier, so select "Other"
    • Notify Customer? - You'll want to notify the customer to signify the order is complete and, hopefully, to remind them to leave us positive feedback.
    • Notify Marketplace? - This notifies the system that the order has been successfully completed.
    • Once you're finished with these entries, click the "Mark as Shipped!" button to complete the order.

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Void a label

Sometimes you will need to void a label that has been previously created. Often, this is because an additional label was made in error, but there are other scenarios where you will have made a label but won't need to use it. Stores are charged for each label they create, so it's important to void any that you will not be using to ship an order.

  • Before proceeding, be absolutely sure you know which label you want to void. Voided labels cannot be used anymore, so if you send out a package with a voided label, it will be returned to you.
    • "Void and Refund Labels Each of the selected shipments will be submitted to the appropriate shipping provider for a refund. Refunds are subject to the specific rules of each shipping provider. Results for each shipment will be shown on the next screen. If you would like to request a refund for the selected labels, click Next"
  • Click the check box next to the label(s) you want to void. Click the "Void" button and follow the prompts. The label(s) will become void and their cost will be refunded.


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Combining Orders (Looking to combine orders on the site invoice click here)

Sometimes customers may pay for their orders separately before you have a chance to combine the orders through site.

  • If this is the case, you can easily combine the multiple line orders by checking off the orders you're going to ship together and clicking on the Combine Orders option at the top.
    • It will indicate the surviving order number with the multiple items.
  • Please note: the shipping cost paid by the customer will most likely be greater than you actual cost, in which you should notify the site administrator to refund the difference.

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End of Day for carrier bar-code scanning

If your carrier person requests a single bar-code scan so they can easily log into their system, follow the steps below. Please make sure you finish processing all orders for the day and all shipments with label are handed over to the carrier. Any shipment left behind will not be processed properly may cause issues with online status.

  • Go into your SHIPMENTS tab (top)
  • Click on End of Day
  • Click on Close Shipments for USPS
  • Select the Date
  • Select your location
  • Click on Close Selected
  • A new window will pop up to print

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Packing orders

When you've sold an item and the customer has paid for it, it's time to ship. All items are our responsibility until they reach the customer. That means if an item breaks during shipment, we're liable for repair or return costs. For that reason, it's very important that you adequately pack your item(s).

View this Youtube video and note the attention to detail when packing: 

  • Boxes
    • Begin by packing the item in an appropriate sized box. A box that is too big or too small increases the chances of breakage. The box should be only slightly larger than its contents. Double boxing (enclosing a smaller box in padding and another larger box) can also be used for particularly fragile items.
    • Boxes can be reused, so long as they are intact and without any creases, tears, holes, or other damage. Damaged boxes pose a risk of falling apart in transit. Be sure to remove and obscure any previous labels, barcodes, shipping information, and hazardous/other shipping indicators.
  • Packing Material
    • Be sure to use plenty of packing materials so that the items are snug inside the package and cannot move around. Items that move around in the parcel are significantly more likely to be damaged.
    • For conventional packing materials, bubble wrap is your best bet. Packing peanuts can shift in transit and are not advisable as a primary packing material, but can be used in conjunction with other materials, like bubble wrap. Use only clean, standard packing materials, never pack an item with used clothing or other discarded items.
  • Tape
    • Use only strong tape designed for shipping to seal a parcel. Other tapes are not designed for the weight, wear and tear, and elements that packages typically endure. Use enough tape to secure the parcel and keep it closed. 
    • Tape can help increase the structural integrity of a box, but you can over do it too. Quality tape in a "H" formation over the top and bottom of the box is adequate. Envelopes should be taped across the entire flap.
  • Insurance
    • If an item is particularly fragile or expensive (over $30), be sure to insure it with ShipStation's ShipSurance. Remember that USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground, and FedEx Home include free insurance up to $100. Other services and more expensive shipments will incur an added cost, but insurance is cheap compared to the cost of refunds and return shipping.
  • When To Ship
    • Orders should typically be shipped in the morning of the following business day, once the customer has paid. All paid orders must go out within 2 business days. Any later and we risk upsetting our customers. Orders are considered shipped when the shipping label is printed and the tracking information is uploaded. If you absolutely cannot physically ship the item within the 2 day period, at least pack the item and print the label. Still, it is best to just get your paid orders out the following morning.

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Handling order issues

  • Depending on the reason of the issue brought up by the customer, it's in your best interest to resolve all issues with a remedy that you (the seller) and the customer can agree on.
  • If the customer is requesting a return because of "buyers remorse" please instruct the customer to return the item back to your location with your full address, with the addition of "ATTN: E-Comm Dept" 
    • We accept returns for all items within 14 days of delivery with a 10% restocking fee (shipping fee not included).
  • These types of returns do not require a prepaid label for the customer and are subject to the 10% restocking fee on the unit value.
    • It is your decision whether to:
      • Provide the customer with a prepaid label for these returns.
      • Provide the refund in full or the 10% restocking fee on unit value.
  • Please communicate clearly with the customer what you are offering (Return Address, partial refund, full refund, 90% refund with return, etc.)
    • Once the remedy is agreed by both parties (you and the customer), please detail the issue with the site administrator so refunds can be issued in a timely manner.

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Processing Returns and Refunds

  • Do we accept returns?
    • We accept returns for all items within 14 days of delivery with a 10% restocking fee, SEE ABOVE (shipping fee not included).
  • An exception of the 10% fee would be placed for damaged items or items not as described.
    • You will need to determine the best remedy for the customer (Partial refund, Full refund with a Return, or Full Refund without a return) and must come to an agreement.
    • Return labels need to be provided for customer with order issues in regards to Discrepancies or Damaged items if you choose to have it returned.
      • Customers are never obligated to pay for return labels if there are discrepancies or damages.
    • Please involve the site Administrator so refunds can be issued in a timely manner.
    • If you would like to accept a return for a customer for any other reason please communicate with the site Administrator and Customer so all details are known and refunds are processed in a timely manner.
  • Create a Return label
    • Please involve the site Administrator so refunds can be issued in a timely manner.
    • To create a return label for the customer go into the Shipstation account and search for the order. 
    • Click on the order number that opens a new window with order details. (see first photo below)
    • Make sure the tracking number on the top right is clicked and select the Return tab.
      • This should take you to the Return tab automatically for you to verify the information and create a label (See second photo below).
    • In this page you can select a reason and verify the information.
      • Make sure that all of the information is correct and the label is set to return to YOUR Location for the return.
      • Please choose to either send the return label directly to the customer (which you can add an email to yourself), or download the label and send the label by creating an email and attaching the label.
  • Please involve the site Administrator so refunds can be issued in a timely manner.

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Common FAQ

Seller FAQ can be found here

  • This page is always available on the main site by clicking on the FAQ link at the top bar (which will take you to the customer FAQ Page) and scrolling down to the "Seller Page" link after the last customer FAQ.

Contacting the site administrator

  • Please contact the site administrator for the following:
    • Bid cancellation requests
    • Refunds and partial refund for returns, discrepancies, overpaid shipping.
    • Site function issues.
    • Corrupt Invoice with shipping errors or other errors.
    • Reporting a user: Submit details
      • Multiple unpaid orders for a period of a week or longer.
      • The buyer is demanding something that wasn’t offered in the original listing.
      • You believe the buyer is making a false claim.
      • They’re abusing the bid retraction process, repeatedly bidding and then retracting bids.
  • When communicating issues about any order, begin a new email unless there’s an email thread already started about the issue.

    • Use a clear subject line, e.g. [Refund] for customer John Doe Order #12345 [Cancel Bid] for customer Jane Doe Order #12345 etc.
    • Include the customer information and the listing information along with the request, so I know what you're referring to.
    • Or forward me the email notification you receive in your Outlook inbox, referencing the order, with your added request detail.

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